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                        Home Inspection before buying home – must

Termite examination is a basic condition in buying a house but it is also the most common step that we intend to overlook or ignore or sometimes we just take it for granted. It is necessary to perform termite inspection and make sure that the property is safe. We cannot afford to take risks on our long time investment. Termites can cause a huge damage to our house. Complaints about Amarprakash builders are unreal because they always make sure that they do a complete home inspection which includes termite inspection as well. The buyers are very confident and happy about the property they have purchased. Termites can be anywhere; we often tend to miss out some places while checking for termites. A genuine builder will share the no termite inspection copies to the buyers on request. There are many relatively cheap ways to control the termites but an incorrect method of doing it would have an enormous effect on the structural integrity of the house. Buying a house cannot be all about location, amenities provided or the property value. We should be careful in choosing a house that provides us complete safety from all risks.